About Lotus Land Tours

PeterGuideFor an excursion into the B.C. wilderness you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Peter Loppe. Cosmopolitan, articulate and an accomplished host, Peter turned his passion for the outdoors and good cuisine into a lifestyle business.

An accomplished entertainer, Peter has the ability to mix cultures, history and cuisine of other countries into entertaining anecdotes.

A new management career brought Peter to Vancouver in 1984 where he discovered B.C.’s unique and popular recreational pursuit – ocean kayaking along the sheltered Coasts of the Pacific Ocean.

About Us

Ten years later Peter turned his passions into a business venture and founded Lotus Land Tours Inc.

2012CanadaPlace4webToday Peter introduces his clients to the charms of the wilderness that lies on the edge of Vancouver, and a taste of the West Coast lifestyle.

Peter is a qualified canoeing instructor and a graduate of the Capilano University Wilderness Leadership program.

Lotus Land Tours is a British Columbia registered company which has been operating personalized, easy eco-adventures in the wilderness around Vancouver since 1993.

What all of the trips have in common:

They are easy. 
Experience and fitness are not required. Everybody can participate from 5 year old to active senior.

They are accessible.
All trips include pick-ups from hotels, bed & breakfasts or residences in Vancouver.

They are informative.
Knowledgeable guides are eager to share their knowledge of the local history and the environment through which you are travelling.

They are safe.
During all activities you are accompanied by qualified guides who ensure your comfort and safety.

They are sustainable.
Always mindful of the ecology, our nature trips are designed with minimum impact on wildlife and environment. Groups are small and we use real dishes on our picnics.

It is our intent to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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