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Student TravelLotus Land Tours offers day trips around Vancouver with hotel pick-up in Vancouver.

Consider Vancouver as a destination when planning your next  college trip to Canada.

Discover the cities multitude of cultures. One in every two Vancouverites is or Asian origin. Already at the airport are your college students greeted by the unique First Nations culture of the North West Pacific.

Located in the middle of the North American rain forest and surrounded by the ocean, the city is a Mecca of Nature and wildlife. Giant trees, bears, whales and other sea mammals can be admired not far from the city.

Eat in a different country every day. Vancouver’s cultural mosaic features a multitude of ethnic restaurants.

Enrich your cultural experience with a variety of large museums, art galleries, concerts, sports or live theatre. The recently renovated Museum of Archaeology is a must for students of First Nations and Asian cultures.

College Student Tours - First Nations CanoeAs a centre of learning with several universities and colleges, the city offers a multitude of student accommodation.  Select safe and affordable housing at Place Vanier or the Walter Gage Residence in the forested grounds of the University of British Columbia – 20 minutes away from downtown Vancouver. The university grounds offer several attractions including the famous Museum of Anthropology, the Nitobe Japanese Gardens and lots of scenic walks.

College Student Tours – First Nations Canoe

An efficient public transportation system provides easy commutes for your college students between the university grounds and any destination in the city. In addition, we pick-up your student groups from the airport.

We offer a variety of different student day trips – all with pick-up from your accommodation. Contact us for a custom tailored holiday for your student group.

Make each day of your college vacation day an inspiring learning experience.

“When travelling with students it is important to work with an experienced, creative, and flexible tour operator. Peter Loppe’s expertise and imagination enabled our group of thirty students to experience Vancouver less as tourists and more as an enriching educational experience.”

~Gill St. – Bernard’s School. Gladstone, NJ.


Vancouver is a great city to eat out. Choose from a myriad of restaurants of varying ethnicity. You can easily eat in a different country every day of your holiday. Contact us for  restaurant suggestions that are reasonable priced and can accommodate large groups.


Day Trips
College Student Tours - longboat 1st Nations Canoe trip 
North West Pacific 1st Nations cultural experience in traditional long boats  
 Student Tours - Orcas Whale Watching 
High-speed safari in search of Killer whales
Student Tours - City Tour Vancouver Attraction
Tour of the city, its ethnic diversity & into the nature that surrounds it.
 Student Tours - Sea Safari  Sea Safari
2 hour sea Safari in pursuit of eagles, seals, and waterfront luxury homes
Student Tours - Zip Trekking Whistler Zip Lining
Drive along the spectacular Sea-to-Sky highway to Whistler for a zip lining adventure.
 Student Tours - Whistler Whitewater River Rafting
Awesome river rafting adventure in the coastal mountains
Student Tours - Canoeing English Bay Paddle
Paddle adventure In large canoes that seat up to 20 paddlers.
Student Tours - SeaLions Sea Lions
Close-up of hundreds of migrating sea lions