Conference Activities

We are reaching the last bit of conference season. Vancouver is a huge convention and conference city with tons of venues including Canada Place and various big hotels.  This was a big summer with many meetings of engineers, pharmasists, artists, businesses, teachers, doctors, dentists, financials… the list goes on.  It is nice to step back from ‘the profession’ and get out a little. Whether it is to have some private time or to get to know your peers that is not in a symposium or dinner setting, there are many things in Vancouver to share. Come out and share more than your newest peer reviewed paper, or research or technique.  In fact let us take you out. Contact us to book a tour. See some more ideas below.

Alaska Cruise Ship Canada Place

Canada Place- Vancouver’s Convention Hub and Cruise Ship Docks

Our tours can pick-up you or you and your group from the Conference Centres, Docks, or Hotels, wherever is the most convenient to make it easy to make the most out of your down time. There are several tours easily accessible in and around downtown Vancouver. They range in length from a few hours to a full day. We would relish the chance to show off this lovely city and to let you explore around it.  Vancouver is a convention and meeting hub and its not just for its world class facilities.  Think beaches, rainforest, mountains, wildlife including orca and humpbacks and bald eagles, boating, kayaking. Lotus Land Tours offers all of these opportunities. We hope to see you soon.


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