Seaplane Adventures

Seaplanes are an essential mode of transportation on the North West Pacific coast.

Between Vancouver and Alaska the West Coast is perforated with 40 long and deep inlets or fjords, some of them as long as 100 km. The land that separates the inlets is mountainous and rocky and covered with impenetrable rain forest. This terrain is not very conducive to build roads that connect the few fishing and mining towns located along the coast. These small communities rely on ships and seaplanes for a link to the outside world.

Seaplanes are small and carry from 5 to 18 passengers each. Flying at an altitude of 10,000 ft they offer spectacular views of the land and ocean below them.

Victoria on Vancouver Island is a popular visitor destination. As the crow flies, Victoria is only 45 miles away from Vancouver. However, taking the overland route by bus and ferry takes four hours just to get to Victoria.

Flying by seaplane or helicopter from Vancouver takes only 30 minutes and is the most efficient way to visit Victoria. We offer a selection of sea plane rides to Victoria and other destinations.

Our most spectacular flight is from Whistler to Vancouver over mountains, glaciers and along some spectacular coast line.