Wildlife & Whales

Wedged in between the Pacific and the Mountains Vancouver is surrounded by wild life.

Stanley Park is full of wildlife. The trees host a myriad of birds and raptors. Every spring the cedar trees at the Stanley Park tennis courts are heavy with the nest of some 50 pairs of blue Herons who come here to breed.

Raccoons, squirrels and skunks forage here, beavers live in the wetlands and the occasional coyote .

The Stanley Park Ecological Society hosts regularly nature and wild life events.

At night some animals seek food in the city, hiding in back alleys and under bushes.

Black bears live in the mountains along with cougars and deer. Two Grizzlies live on Grouse Mountain.

The salmon runs at the Capilano Fish Hatchery every summer. The migrating salmon attracts seals, sea lions and Orcas.

Every April and May hundreds of California and Steller sea lions congregate in the Fraser River. They come to feed on Eulachon, a smelt like oil fish that comes here to spawn.

Gray Whales visit us every spring and fall on their 4,000 mile journey between their breeding grounds in Mexico and their feeding grounds in the Arctic.

The last few years have seen increased visits of Humpback Whales.

This is a section of tours that include wild life viewing.